Who is Ken

Founder of Neurotricional Sciences, Visionary and Discoverer of the ‘Ware K Health Trigger Process’


Ken has spoken around the world at the following conferences:


1. The Ware K. Health Trigger NeuroPhysics Therapeutic Process produces unprecended recovery from a long term spinal cord injury


2. Evidence of Ephaptic communication in the nervous system as observed in EMG data obtained from a Tetraplegic during Ware K Health Trigger Process Therapy

International Nonlinear Science Conference – Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences – 6th International Conference

20-22 March, 2014 | Nijmegen, Netherlands


The body’s nonlinear genius: Cases of serious disabilities dramatically improved by the same neural dynamics therapy

Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences – 23rd International Conference

25-27 July, 2013 | Portland State University, Portland, OR, USA


The influences a person’s posture has on non linear metabolic activity, emotions and their perception of the environment, and core strength vs. complexity

Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences – 22nd International Conference

26-28 July, 2012 | Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA


Observing the emergence of and the control of chaos in the human nervous system and “chaotic protean evasion”

Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and Life Sciences – 21st International Conference

4-6 August, 2011 | Chapman University, Orange, CA, USA

Controlling chaos in the human nervous system

Advances in Applied Physics and Material Sciences Congress

12-15 May, 2011 | Antalya, Turkey

Control of chaos in the human nervous system to restore physical and emotional integrity

Wiring The Brain: Making Connections Conference

12-15 April, 2011 | Powerscourt, Co. Wicklow, Ireland


Controlling chaos in the human nervous system

International Conference of Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and Life Sciences

22-24 July, 2010 | Texas State University, San Marcos, TX, USA

Control of chaos to enhance creativity and physical/emotional performance and stability through super slow resistance exercise

International Nonlinear Sciences Conference

15-17 March, 2010 | University of Palermo, Palermo, Italy

Ken’s interest in the natural order hidden in Chaos began as a young boy.

Ken Ware was born in Mackay, Queensland, Australia on 7th February 1957. As a young boy, he was always fascinated by the way things worked in nature and had a silent ability to recognize order in what others seen as random events in nature. Without any support for what he was sensing, he proceeded through life to just observe and not comment.

Ken became a good athlete and a dedicated rugby league player in his teens. He had married young and devoted himself to raising his children whilst still pursuing his ambitions sporting wise. During a brief visit to Perth back in the early 80’s, Ken met some older trainees who simply advised him to improve his techniques when training with weights, relax more and train slowly to give his nervous system a chance to make some necessary alterations.

It was during the process of Ken adopting this advice and applying it in his training sessions, that he first noticed the neural dynamics emerge in his system, which he has studied and refined into the most effective form of therapy in the world.

However, at the time of this discovery, Ken simply exploited the dynamics to go onto win a host of state national titles in Powerlifting and in Bodybuilding, eventually leading to him winning a Mr. Universe title in 1994, some 12 years after his discovery.

Ken first began using the techniques on others in 1989.

He was operating out of a humble health centre in Mackay – Starbodies Gym and within 3 years, he had become so successful with his approaches to rehabilitation that he was asked to relocate his centre within the confines of a private hospital.

It was during this period of time at the hospital that he knew he was going to have to find some scientific basis to why the techniques were so effective. This was to be a solo and monumental challenge, as there was nothing in the literature to support his therapy.

Also, there was no one at all in Australia who was willing give him any direction – he was shunned away every time he approached institutes in Australia for assistance.

Ken had no formal qualification and it was accepted by him that this was why he was not taken seriously by academics in Australia.

Ken went onto study every field of science that may have had some influence on developing a scientific understanding as to why the techniques were so effective so rapidly, even with complex chronic disorders.

It was however when he read James Gleick’s masterpiece “Chaos” – The amazing science of the unpredictable, that he knew he had some solid scientific ground to build his framework upon.

He identified immediately with what prominent scientists knew about chaos and how they described it. Ken saw that what he sensed as a young boy and went onto appreciate when he noticed strange neural dynamics emerge in his system, was consistent to what great scientists were describing in nature.

Unfortunately, he was to bear this knowledge alone as Chaos theory was not a topic anyone he was in contact knew about.

He felt sure that family, friends and other people would think he had gone crazy if he tried to explain it to them.

Regardless, during the 90’s in particular, Ken was very much out and about in public speaking at a host of community and corporate events, leaving behind messages that were uniquely inspirational, always hinting at new ways of viewing things.

He vigorously and intellectually challenged the then positive thinking epidemic that was in vogue at the time, which set him apart from other speakers. He just as vigorously challenged the notions of “Core Stability” and the rationale used to promote “Stretching” as an adjunct to exercise when speaking to relative audiences.

He was alone in his views but for valid reasons that were simply overlooked by his peers.

In 2000, Ken was decorated with Her Majesties – Queen Elizabeth’s “Australian Sports Medal”, for the contribution he had made to the sporting culture in Australia.


By 2003, Ken had just about given up trying to explain what he had discovered to credible institutes in Australia.

He maintained his studies into Chaos, Complexity, Nonlinear Dynamics and Neuroscience and began to comment on blogs devoted to complexity and chaos in particular.

It wasn’t until late 2009 that Ken attracted any attention.

This came from the “Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences” – SCTPLS. Ken went onto present his discovery at the 4th International Nonlinear Dynamics Conference in 2010 in Palermo, Italy.

He has since presented at several international conferences, including physics and neuroscience conferences.

As a direct result of the impression Ken made at such conferences, Professor Sara Nora Ross co-authored a theoretical paper with Ken, relating to his discoveries and techniques that was published late November 2013 in the prestigious Frontiers Journal, 30 years after Kens initial observations within himself of the “self-organizing” neuralphysics that have assisted thousands of people enhance the quality and function of their lives.

Ken finally realized his ambition of developing a scientific framework that explains the phenomena he has been devoted to most of his adult life.

Ken lives on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia with his wife Nickie, who is herself an internationally accomplished athlete as a result of her dedication to the “Ware K Health Trigger Process” as per the literature. Ken maintains practicing his techniques and teaching others to practice.

Ken’s goal is to have the “Ware K Health Trigger Process” recognized and practiced throughout the world.

Some typical comments made by Ken during discussions with him.

“It was always a prime motive of mine to try to determine the fundamental parameters that are consistent to all human beings all of the time, not some of the people some of the time. The accidental discovery of the relative NeuroPhysics just happened to coincide with this goal all those years ago and provided me with highly privileged insights into human behavior/mind/body associations and the whole fractal relationship all living systems have with their environment. So many answers to so many historical questions can be answered by looking at the above through this lens.”

“I can confidently say that this therapy is 100% of the people 100% of the time, irrespective of their beliefs or perceptions – because it embraces and exploits the fundamental qualities we share with all other living systems”.

“I have often said in front of critical thinking audiences, that…

“With no disrespect to the Dalai Lama, I could take his holiness through a session and not only would he most likely be taken back by what occurs in his system, but the dynamics would reveal how his system is physically/emotionally interacting with its environment – irrespective of his beliefs or perceptions of self.”

“I will never get tired of watching an individuals system self-organize itself up/back to higher states of complexity, once the person learns fully how to let go, step out the way and let the system get on with its job. First, it gets rid of its excess energy/noise and then relying on its intrinsic memory, resets the lines of communication so it becomes nicely re-nested within its environment. This represents optimal health for the system.”

“POSTURE rules and needs to be maintained 24/7, to enable the system to process information about the outside and inside world at a premium. The more information we process in a composed orderly manner the more creative complex behaviors can be maintained. Dis-ease, dis-order and deterioration (increased entropy) is a loss of the systems complexity.”

“We are either in a state of growth or a state of protection.”

“We know what a growth posture of any living system looks like and we know what a protective posture looks like in any living system”.

“I recommend taking up Tai Chi as a good form of therapy that has a level of cognitive consistency with the techniques I employ. The other recommendation is to shift your attention away from what you perceive as physical/emotional problems. These states are sensitively dependent on initial conditions and are maintained and amplified through positive feedback loops. Thought is an initial condition that can be assisting in the maintenance of rouge attractors so to speak.”

“Practice walking with your eyes closed. This is another totally reliable means of assessing yourself and others for the role that thought can play in taking us off our desirable trajectories. The exercise involves positioning yourself so that you can focus on a target that is at least 20 metres away and in a straight line from where you are positioned. The simple task is then to…

“PLAN (your goal of reaching your target without swaying off all over the place)

INITIATE (proceed to implement your goal)

EFFECT (achieve your goal).”

“As you know, planning and initiating and then maintaining the trajectory, involve devoted regions of the brain/system. The fact that the hemispheres have opposing qualities; e.g. right hemisphere – negative emotions/concepts/inputs; left hemisphere – positive emotions/concepts/inputs (we see these qualities highlighted and exposed dramatically with clients who have had a stroke/lesion to one of the hemispheres, rendering the other hemisphere dominant).

This means that if during the execution of your goal, you begin to doubt yourself (right hemisphere), you will veer off to the right.

If you over analyze your movements, project to far forward or even think too positively (left hemisphere) you will veer off to the left.

This simple experiment can show clearly how predominantly positive or negative thinking can take us off our trajectory. The idea is to remain centred = both hemispheres working together.

The veering off to the left or right is explained as follows.

Whatever hemisphere begins to become dominate during the execution of your goal, than that will be the direction you will veer; because that hemispheres attractor is pulling sensory/emotional energy/information into it, away from the other hemisphere. The affected hemisphere adopts a protective inhibitory posture which will shorten the stride on the contra-lateral side of the body – the same side as the dominant hemisphere. This always represents the persons habitual processing of goal orientated tasks, or the fact their present physical/emotional state is wishy washy – veering off in all direction. If this is the case, you will need to practice composure (forget what may have just occurred) and learn to be present and centred and just let the goal be realized one step at a time. You then transfer this skill into all aspects of your life. Thinking is over rated and there can be paralyses via analyses.”